A Must-Have app!

Rash Plants is your complete guide to everything you need to know about poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac. Naturedigger interviewed experts in the field of botany, medicine and professional removal of these plants, and has come up with an all-encompassing app, so you don’t have to worry about doing the legwork. “How do I know what these plants look like?“ “How can I avoid or treat the rash?” “How do I get rid of poison ivy or poison oak from my yard safely?” “Where do these plants grow?” All of these questions and much, MUCH more are covered in the Rash Plants app!


  • Quiz

    (Click for full view) Rash Plants has challenging quizzes that change every time. Go ahead and test your knowledge to see if you can reach our “Expert” level at identification! These aren’t your regular run-of-the-mill quizzes. You have to study for them, and you get a grade at the end!

  • Similar Species

    (Click for full view) You have a plant. It has three leaves. You’ve been taught, “leaflets of three, let them be,” but you just aren’t sure if you should avoid this plant or water it. Go to the Similar Species Gallery for photos of common look-alikes for the three poisonous plants.

  • Photo Galleries

    (Click for full view) Three-leaved or leaflet plants are everywhere, but how do you really know if they are dangerous to you or perfectly safe? Go through our different galleries to learn how to identify not only the leaves and flowers in summer, but also the naked stems and berries in winter.

  • Removal

    (Click for full view) If you’re thinking of removing poison ivy or oak yourself, visit our Manual Control/Removal gallery for helpful hints from a professional poison ivy removal guru. You will learn how to pull even the tiniest roots so they don’t grow back. You will also learn how to dispose of the plants and clean your tools and your body when the job is done!

  • Sumac

    (Click for full view) Learn how to identify the elusive poison sumac shrub! Many people mistakenly fear sumacs, but they probably aren’t the one we’re talking about. This plant is quite different than those you see growing in highway medians - they’re safe, this one isn’t! Browse through our cool sumac galleries and learn more about them by touching the little “i” in the corner!

  • Main Menu Features

    (Click for full view) The main menu has so many different directions to go, you’ll need a GPS to get you through it! If it’s the wicked rash you’re interested in, jump to the Rash & Remedies section. If you have questions about the plants, check out the About and FAQ sections. Each plant has the same menu options, and each option is full to the brim with information.


  • Fascinating and informative FAQs for each of the plants
  • A section dedicated solely to the poison ivy, oak and sumac rash and remedies
  • Quizzes that change every time you take them!
  • Galleries stocked with hundreds of photos of leaves, berries, flowers and more!
  • Color-coded side-by-side comparisons of each Rash Plant and its similar species