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Participating in community science (also called citizen science) is key to understanding and conserving our natural world. Your help is desperately needed for surveys, counts, habitat restorations, outreach events and more. Hands-on involvement is the best way to find the right program or project that fits your interests and skill set. The best part about it, is literally anyone can participate in a community science project. Anyone!


Do you enjoy getting outside and observing animals or plants? Do invasive species trouble you? Community science projects can be extremely diverse. Determining what you enjoy enough to stick with, will help you decide what type of organization you should contact. When you have become a community scientist, your world will open up and you will see how appreciated you are and how effective you can be. You will also understand what it means to be part of the solution, rather than part of the problem. 

Below are links to several community science opportunities. If you can't find one you're interested in, simply Google the subject followed by "community or citizen science opportunities"to find one that interests you.

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