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Broadleaf Milkweed
Asclepias latifolia

Photo Citations

Naturedigger would like to thank the following individuals for their contributions to the broadleaf milkweed (Asclepias latifolia) identification slide:


Flower image provided by: Richard Reynolds

Leaf/stem image provided by: Jason Ksepka, iNaturalist observation (cropped) CC NC-BY 4.0

Leaf inset image provided by: Alison Northup, iNaturalist observation (cropped) CC BY 4.0

Pod image provided by: Pam Williams

Inset pod image provided by: Jason Singhurst

Asclepias latifolia Profile

Common Name(s):

broadleaf milkweed

broad-leaf milkweed

corn kernel milkweed


Scientific Name:

Asclepias latifolia

Native Range:



USDA Symbol:



• 500-7,000 feet (150-2130 meters)

• dry washes

• plains

• prairies

• mesas

• canyon bottoms

• open desert

• disturbed areas, especially along roadsides


Growing Conditions:

• full sun


Plant Height:
• 8-31 inches (20-80 centimeters) tall


Stem Description:

• short and stout

• reddish

• woolly, becomes smooth with age

• erect or ascending

• unbranched


Leaf Description: 

• broad-elliptic, rarely lanceolate

• mid vein often pinkish

• tip obtuse to truncate or notched


Leaf Arrangement:

• opposite


Leaf Margin:

• entire


Leaf Surface:

• woolly

Flowering Period:

• May through September

Flower Description: 

• large umbels

• hoods whitish to yellow brown, mostly erect

• horns flat and triangular and curved inward

• horns fused nearly the full length of the hoods

• white, to pale green to yellow, sometimes tinged with purple


Pod Description:

• large

• smooth

• ovate

• green to pinkish

• erect on a deflexed pedicel

Other Information:

• similar species: common milkweed (Asclepias syriaca)

• flowers resemble corn kernels when mature, which is how it gets one of its common names "corn kernel milkweed"

• ants are often found on this species, which may be detrimental to monarchs

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