Use of Naturedigger's Images & Slides

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Naturedigger is dedicated to nature education and conservation. Most images found on this site are for educators to use with permission. ​None of the images are to be reproduced for commercial purposes.


Milkweed slides or milkweed images not supplied by Naturedigger are never to be used. The annotated slides are for identification only and not to be reproduced in any form. 

For permission, please use the Contact form and let us know how you plan to use our image(s) or slides. We will happily send you a .jpeg of the images you request.

We never ask for funding from organizations we allow to use our apps for reporting, we never advertise on our site or in our apps, (so we don't annoy people who just want to learn about nature), we never hold information hostage until our users make in-app purchases, and finally, we never apply for grants. If you find an image (or images) you would like to use for your awesome project and you wish to support us, then please head on over to the Support Us page and use the secure Pay Pal check out to show us how much you dig us.


Thanks and stay safe!

Naturedigger staff