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Carolina Milkweed
Asclepias cinerea

Photo Citations

Naturedigger would like to thank the following individuals for their contributions to the Carolina milkweed (Asclepias cinerea) identification slide:

Flower image provided by: Eric M. Powell - iNaturalist observation

CC BY-NC 4.0

Inset flower image provided by: Eleanor - Flickr

Leaf image provided by: Rebekah D. Wallace - Bugwood

Pod image provided by: Dr. Craig N. Heugel - Florida Native Wildflowers

Asclepias cinerea Profile

Common Name(s):

Carolina milkweed


Scientific Name:

Asclepias cinerea


Native Range:


USDA Symbol:




• longleaf pine sandhills

• wiregrass-dominated understory


Growing Conditions:

• well-drained upland soils

• full sun to filtered shade


Plant Height:
24 inches (60 centimeters)


Stem Description:

• thin

• smooth


Leaf Description: 

• narrow, linear leaves

• 2-4 inches (5-10 centimeters) long

• grasslike in appearance


Leaf Arrangement:

• opposite


Leaf Margin:

• entire


Leaf Surface:

• smooth (not hairy)

Flowering Period: 

• May through September

Flower Description:

• lavender, pale purple to grayish white

• sparse, loosely arranged flowers that droop when in bloom

• 0.5 inch (1.25 centimeters)

• reflexed corolla (petals)

• sepals open into a starlike pattern, do not reflex backwards

• erect hoods contain incurving horns


Pod Description:

• long and linear

• smooth

• up to 4 inches (10 centimeters) long

Other Information:

• this species is difficult to spot among the grassy areas where it typically grows, but is obvious when in bloom


Similar Species: Southern milkweed (Asclepias viridula)

For More Information About This Species Visit:


Native Florida Wildflowers


USDA Plants Database


***Unfortunately, we are unable to locate seeds to purchase for this species

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