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June 22-28 is Pollinator Week!

We owe so much to our priceless pollinators, so it's only fitting that they should have not a single day, but a whole week dedicated to them. Pollinators come in all shapes and sizes, so whether you're a fan of flies, bees, wasps, birds, bats, butterflies or moths, this is the week we recognize their hard work and say thanks to all of them. ​Have you made any promises to help pollinators not just this week, but always? If you don't know where to begin, there are three very simple ways you can help pollinators:

1) Grow native, pollinator-friendly flowers (See NWF's native plant guide) 2) Avoid pesticides - especially insecticides 3) Spread the word - get your friends and neighbors on board 4) Certify your garden as Wildlife Habitat  If you're serious about helping out, you can volunteer to help remove invasive species and plant native flowering plants in your city or town park - but change begins at home. For a great book on how to help pollinators in your own yard or garden, pick up a copy of Douglas Tallamy's Nature's Best Hope. You won't be sorry. This isn't an advertisement, just an honest testimonial! You can also take the Xerces Pollinator Protection Pledge. Happy Pollinator Week!!!

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